We are a small boutique in Newcastle and our inspiration came from wanting unique products for our girls Fifi & Misty. We absolutely love our dogs and want dog owners to have the same boutique experience they enjoy for their furry family members. We provide a wide range of dog accessories and stock all natural and healthy dog treats and food.

Our Amazing Team

Stella Serghis


Stella loves dogs so much she has decided to establish Doggy Chu. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family which includes her two fur babies Fifi & Misty


Cutest Security

Fifi was the smallest of the litter but that does not stop her she is one fearless Schipperke. Fifi loves to play with her toys and loves her food!


Adorable Assistant

Misty is a petite Schipperke who loves being the boss. She is the princess of the family!